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Registered Dietitian

Jessie Watson Kutner


Jessie majored in Nutrition at the University of Texas and participated in their selective coordinated program in Dietetics. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition from UT and began a Registered Dietitian in 1998. Her original interest and practice involved general healthy lifestyles, diabetes and weight management. In 2010 she became a mom and beautiful boys. Gaining 50 pounds, struggling with depression after the birth of her first child and being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that affects mood and weight, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, she became more focused on how diet can drastically improve autoimmune conditions and various mood disorders. Whether you want to lose 50 or just those last 10 pounds, gain muscle, or would like counseling and more information about how diet can help with a health condition such as diabetes, auto-immune, heart health, hormone/age related changes, or mood, she can assist with education and set up a personalized programs with your specific issues, body, and goals in mind with the most important key to success – individualized counseling and accountability.


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