Massage Therapist

Page Evans

My name is Page and I am so stoked to be a part of the gym expansion of Kilter Fitness at Midtown Commons! 

Here’s a bit of an introduction to Pixie Bodyworks (that’s me!) and why massage therapy is the freaking best.

My specialization is mat-based massage therapy that I call Lazy Girl’s Yoga. If you’ve ever heard of Thai Massage or Shiatsu, it’s extremely similar: All the clothes stay on, you lay on a mat and pretend to be a corpse while I push, pull, compress, and stretch you into the best feeling body you’ve ever had. 

I mean, who doesn’t want a massage after a workouts?

If you’re as excited as I am and can’t wait to feel amazing, appointments are available every day except Sundays and Wednesdays – just pick your favorite time at


‪(512) 920-0213‬

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